Elite-ID Electronic Systems have a wide range of integrated attendance verification solutions suitable for many diverse application areas.

These systems allow a company to generate data about staff movements that can then be used for many business processes including proof of work done, area inspection records, public liability monitoring and localising staff.

Elite-ID have been supplying Attendance Verification systems since 1999 and take pride in providing accurate information to clients that result in the best possible systems to suit their individual needs.

Please do not hesitate to contact Elite-ID for assistance in selecting the best system for your application.

AtSite Mobile System


  • Low cost of installation and maintenance
  • Free email and phone support provided
  • Integrated site installation and maintenance built directly into the application
  • Wireless proximity logging of staff as they pass by Beacons
  • Visual feedback as logging proceeds
  • Data sent via WiFi or 3G/4G etc when available
  • Completely automated and easy to use
  • Real time monitoring of staff attendance
  • Integrated with WebEye for automated cloud based data storage and reporting
  • Suitable for sites of any size


AtSite has been designed for any application requiring high performance, automated, and wireless logging of staff attendance within an area. It has been built from the ground up with automation and minimal interaction from staff as key features, ensuring that staff can focus of their normal job functions.

The system uses portable Bluetooth Beacons that send out a wireless signal which an iPhone / iPad / iPod Touch with AtSite installed recieves. This data is then sent via WiFi or mobile internet (Edge/3G/4G/4GX) directly to our central database and reporting system: Nexus WebEye.

Beacons may have their logging range individually adjusted to suit any area required. This features allows Beacons to be placed in a wide variety of locations. From small toilet blocks to large entrances, staff are able to be localised and wirelessly logged accurately.

One major benefit of AtSite over other systems is its complete automation of attendance verification processes. As it’s wireless, staff are logged as soon as they walk in and out of range of Beacons, all without any operator intervention. This ensures that staff can continue on with their job as required, while at the same time ensure that data for on site attendance is recorded and stored.

In addition to the above, all data collected by AtSite is immediately available for reporting after it has been automatically uploaded to WebEye. This integration with our cloud based system provides for a simplified and effective reporting, giving access to the required data.

With all these features, AtSite is an ideal solution for a wide range of situations. Not only large sites such as hospitals or office buildings, but also small sites with little or no infrastructure can now have an effective solution implemented via the AtSite system and mobile internet data.

Nexus WebEye


  • Cloud based providing ubiquitous access from any location with internet access
  • User access and permissions control for staff, management, and end-clients
  • Intuitive design for ease of use and simplified learning of the system
  • Wide range of proprietary reports for all client needs and requirements
  • Automatic report scheduling via email
  • All data is stored and backed up in a secure data centre


Nexus-WebEye is a high performance cloud based database and reporting system.

Data enters via a number of ways from all Elite-ID attendance verification products. It is stored then made available for analysis and reporting by authorised users.

WebEye produces an automated attendance verification system when coupled with AtSite. Staff effort is drastically reduced making the system extremely efficient.

Logging into WebEye can be done from any internet based device such as a PC or ‘MAC, or any tablet, iPhone or iPad, or any smartphone with internet access.

Classic Wand Systems


  • Dedicated hardware purpose designed to be a reliable and durable product
  • Both wireless and touch logging options available to suit a wide range of client needs
  • Long battery life in all portable devices ensures the system is ready to use at all times
  • Easy to use for staff and managers simplifies attendance verification
  • High capacity data storage of thousands of logs per device
  • Includes free software for uploading of data directly from site to our cloud based reporting system
  • Integrated with Nexus-WebEye for safe, efficient and powerful reporting
  • Suitable for all applications, from small to the largest sized sites


These products are integrated into Nexus-WebEye so that simplified and effective reporting is available.

There are two types of products; ‘touch’ for very localised attendance verification and ‘RF wireless’ for logging staff within an area.

XL Data wand ‘touch button’ solutions – are ideal for any application where a precise location record of staff attendance is required. The staff member touching the data wand onto the iButton precisely locating the staff member at the iButton.

Examples of this are security companies, machinery inspection records, courier deliveries, parks and gardens toilet block cleaning, BBQ cleaning and monitoring and other unspecified applications.

The data loggers (wands) are touched onto iButtons™ which then record the unique serial number of the iButton™ along with the date and time into the wands’ internal memory. This data is extracted using an XL Memory Unloader then used to generate a record of attendance.


Voyager Radio Data wand solutions – are ideal for busy shopping centres where staff must be efficiently logged within areas such as malls or  entrances or food courts etc. Wireless logging of staff produces more data with less effort from staff than ‘touch’ solutions in these applications because of the added simplicity and efficiency of wireless logging.

All staff are logged when passing through a ‘wireless zone’ increasing the amount of data compared to other systems.

The Voyager Radio Data Wands receive signals from Elite-ID PipTags. This data is stored inside the wands. Voyager Wands will also read iButtons™ for low volume non-intensive logging at selected locations.