About Elite-ID Electronic Systems

Elite-ID Electronic Systems was established in 1999 designing and manufacturing high quality attendance verification products.

These products are used in the cleaning and security industries as well as having become popular in similar applications such as tracking couriers, monitoring essential equipment servicing, monitoring remote facilities servicing.

In 2003, a new range of products was developed and introduced into Australia by Elite-ID. This is the innovative Voyager system that uses short range radio signals to log staff when in proximity to PipTags and Pulsars. These small devices tag a location by sending out short range radio signals that are received by Voyager Radio Wands, are logged and then used to show where staff have attended.

This system is used by cleaning contractors right across Australia in many shopping centres to monitor their staff attendances.

In 2014 Elite-ID developed the AtSite logging system using Beacons, iPods/iPads/iPhones and WiFi or 3G/4G etc to perform attendance verification. This new system was extensively tested and refined till its introduction in mid 2015. AtSite produces a whole new generation of intelligent staff attendance verification.

Elite-ID design their own hardware, write the software in their loggers and their reporting programs, and manufacture their products in Australia. Elite-ID own the intellectual product for the products they sell. All product design, manufacturing, service and support is done by Elite-ID staff so that the highest level of product knowledge is available.

The people who designed the wands and wrote the software are available to answer your questions.